Monday, 22 March 2010

Dont know what Gym Bag to buy? I recommend the Gola Bag!

So you dont know what Gym Bag to buy? I recommend Gola Bags

Im going to show you the most popular styles and give my own personal reviews on each. After reviewing these bags, ill share my opinions of what I think is best for every day use, gym use, college use, and what bags are popular. Ill also let you know theBEST PLACE TO BUY. I have reviewed all of these bags and have studied fashion for years, but remember this is just my opinions :)

Lets get started - Why the Gola Bag is suitable for Gym Use and general use

My recommended Gola Bag for Gym Use:

Stay sporty! Check out these new styles from Gola.

The Redford Nations Collection

These bags are great for gym appearances. The design is sporty but its size means it has enough storage space for gym equipment. It also has layered compartments to seperate your towell from your Ipod etc.

The most popular Gola Bags:

The hottest selling Gola Bags right now are the Classic Redford Collection. These come in a variety of colours, 35 to be precise. See the picture below for an example of the Classic Gola Redford Bag.

Choose a colour to suit your style! There are a huge selection of colours available. These are currently the most popular, ask anyone!

But what do I think is going to be popular?

The Gola Tado Collaboration:

These are getting hugely popular. These will defiantly make you stand out at the gym! These bags are really ones to look out for. My favourite is the the Redford Berwyn style.

Or maybe the Redford Welfed. Again it has that sporty feel within the design!

Other Uses

What about for college use?

The Classic Redford collection are great for college.

But I would recommend The bronson style. This is basically the same size as the redford bags but sit vertically. My favourite is shown below, but again there are various colours so take your pick to suit you :)

General use?
Stop carrying around your car keys, wallet, phone, receipts etc all in your pocket! Get your self a general use bag such as the mini bronson. I use the Mini Bronson Union Jack bag, which is small enough so its easy to carry but still has great storage space.

Now, the best place to buy them you ask?


Brighterman offer Free Delivery on there bags and all of there Mens Accessories , Great Customer Service (even an online chat feature where you can speak to the customer service team directly there and then) They normally have a good range of Gola Bags at good prices.

Try your nearest: Schuh, Topman, Sole Trader, JD Sports or Rebublic.

Happy shopping!!